Saturday, April 17, 2010

Japan Week!!

Japan Week started today, with a big opening ceremony at the downtown mall, which we were a part of. Unfortunately my camera was dying so I was only able to get pictures of our Kendo demonstration, but they also had Taiko drumming, singing, and traditional dancing, including the Bon dance which I took part in. It was definitely a lot of fun!

We start with Kata. My partner and I did Kata 2 & 3, and we had other Kenshi around us doing two Kata, as well, so we showed all the Kata up through 7.

Afterwards we put our Men on and did some uchikomi geiko. We started with Kirikaeshi, and then 2x each of Men, Kote, Do. Then we switched to Kote-Men and Men-Taiatari-Hiki Do-Kote-Men (That's a mouthful!).

That was the end of the demonstration for me, but we had a few jigeiko matches after our part was done. They did a good job of demonstrating to the crowd what a real match would be like. Overall I would say that our demo went very well. We were all very loud and full of spirit and demonstrated good, clean Kendo.

After the demonstration we all went out for sushi. What a great way to end our day together!

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