Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been productive on my blog this month! Yay for me!

Footwork: This didn't use to be an issue, but ever since I started wearing my bogu I've been doing weird things with my feet. Namely lifting my right foot WAY up during Fumikomi. Sensei gave me some advice to fix it. He said to slide my foot forward about six inches or so and then Fumikomi and it should help keep that right foot down where it's supposed to be. I know that when I consciously think about it I can do it right, but when I start thinking about other things I start lifting my foot up.

He also said to snap my left foot into place faster. He said that I should almost be hitting as my left foot is coming up to my right foot after the Fumikomi, that's how fast it should be. When I started thinking about this, it also helped to keep my right foot down during Fumikomi. I'll just have to practice this until it becomes natural again.

I'm also still working on turning with my weight/direction forward, instead of stepping back when I turn. I was pretty sloppy with this last night.

Strikes: We did a lot of Kote/Men Waza last night. Sensei pointed out that I am too big on my Men strikes. Again, when I think about it I can fix it, but when I'm not thinking about it I tend to let my Shinai go too far back. Again, something to practice. He said that I have strong forearms and shoulder muscles, and that I'm using the right groups, but that I just need to shorten up my swing and get rid of the wasted movement.

Hiki Men: Mark Bedell noticed that I wasn't bringing my left hand up far enough when I do Hiki Men, so I will try and remember to do that next time we practice. And that when I'm in Taiatari and do Hiki Kote, I can hit straight from where my hands are. Since they are already bent at the wrists all I need to do is Fumikomi back and snap my wrists forward to hit; I don't need to lift up and then bring them back down. Again, wasted movement.

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