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2019 PNKF Summer Camp

Well it's been a while!  This is not from lack of motivation to write, though.  No, it's more because our club is in a transition period and has been looking for a new location to train at for a few months now.  Unfortunately the market around our area is hectic at the moment, but we've been doing our best to train when we can and I've personally been doing my best to get out to Seattle and train when I can, as well.  Speaking of, I was just there last weekend for a 3-day summer camp hosted by none other than Brandon Harada Sensei, of US national team fame.  Many, many thanks to him for flying to our corner of the US and helping create such a successful experience.

Friday I drove out to Bellevue training, where we were gathering for a mock kodansha shinsa.  We broke into groups of new 4 dans (1 year or less), more experience 4 dan that may have already attempted 5 dan, and then current 5 dan and 6 dan ranks.  My group. the new yondan (baby yondans, as we called oursel…