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UW Taikai 2015 - New Division?!

Last weekend my dojo and I participated in the 39th Annual UW Taikai, hosted by our friends at (where else?) the UW Kendo Club.  The weekend started off great, with a great practice at the Bellevue Dojo the night before, and with me getting some great practice and advice from my friends and sensei over on the coast.  One thing I need to remember is to be a better actor, courtesy of Goh Sensei!  Since I recently bumped up a rank, I would be fighting, for the first time, in the sandan division.  I've fought that level of people before in other tournaments but now I was officially there myself and I was excited, and a little nervous, to see how I'd do throughout the tournament.

Our division started fairly early, going just after the women's division finished up.  I had a bye into the second round so I got a chance to check out the competition that day, namely the person I would be fighting first off.  I personally don't like byes and would rather fight first round out, b…