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Seattle Bound

The last few weeks I've been able to attend a special practices in Seattle, courtesy of JM Sensei. The focus has been on shiai, mostly, but a lot of the tidbits of information are practical for all aspects of kendo and improvement, and I'm slowly working them into my regular routine here at home.

The drives over haven't been bad.  Seattle is about four hours from my house and I've had to wait until after work to jump on the road so it's been a lot of late nights driving over.  Fortunately, the pass has been good to me going over and back and I haven't been stuck or delayed at all.  It's always a gamble this time of year how the weather and conditions will be going over, but I only ever saw snow on my last drive home, and it was barely snowing at that.  Of course, the evidence of the week prior were all over the side of the road, as I heard it dumped about fifty inches in a couple days up there a few days before I came through.  In fact, the pass and freewa…