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ZNKR Junior Nationals Visit

This past week we were very honored to host some very special guests.  The junior national team from Japan came to visit and practice with us for three days.  In addition to the team, we also hosted the individual boys and girls champion, as well as the kendo speech contest winner.  They were chaperoned by Ota Sensei, hanshi hachidan and co-creator of the boku ni yoru kendo kihon waza keiko ho, Toyomura Sensei, kyoshi hachidan, and Enomoto Sensei, kyoshi nanadan and head coach of the team.  This was a wonderful experience for our dojo and each of us that were able to participate.

Over the three days of training we were able to witness a demonstration of the kihon kata by Ota Sensei and Toyomura Sensei (Thursday night) and also a demonstration of the tradition nihon kata (on Saturday).  Both times I was amazed at how effortlessly they moved and also how they came back to the correct distance each time without any thought.  We also had a chance to perform all nine kihon kata, with instr…

Kendo - Tradition Passed On

Well, it's been an odd week.  This whole past week we decided to strip and re-finish our entire dojo floor.  all 5500 square feet of it!  All of the work was done by Sinclair Sensei, his family, and members of the dojo, and it took us nearly a full week of people working day and night to accomplish but it's finally done.  For a group of amateurs, most of which have never done this, I'd say we did a pretty good job!  Now that we're done with the floor we are moving to general cleanup and other projects around the dojo area.  Last night I had my first taste of working with drywall, and we are planning to do some painting and touch-up work as the week rolls on. 

With all the dojo work that has been taking place, we haven't had practice.  I, personally, haven't had a practice with others for two weeks.  Two weeks!  It's enough to make me stir-crazy so I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to the dojo tomorrow and not only trying out the new floor …