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Positive Spirit

Hello 2015!  We're a few weeks in and I can already tell that this year is going to be great, kendo-wise.  I feel solid and more confident, and I'm excited for the improvements I'm working on and the opportunities that I have before me this year.  There's a lot of exciting events coming down the pipe!

One thing that was brought up this weekend was keeping up a positive spirit throughout practice.  This is something we've talked about over the years, but it really came to light for me recently.  Partly because this is going to be a main focus of mine this year.  I decided that instead of working on mastering this technique, or working on that with my footwork/bodywork etc, I'm going to focus on having a positive spirit this year.  It can make all the difference during practice, and can help to not only raise yourself up and improve your own training, but also raise the room and its members up and help them give their best.  Sinclair Sensei is correct in saying…