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2016 US Nito Seminar

Boise! Boise! Boise!  I've been there before on work-related trips, where I was able to enjoy training with the local clubs, but nothing in this capacity before.  This past weekend Boise played host to the 2016 US Nito Seminar, a yearly weekend-long seminar dedicated to the pursuit and practice of the unique two-sword style of kendo.  I was lucky enough to be able to participate this year and it was an experience that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my training life.

This year there were over 80 participants hailing from all over the US and Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Japan, Italy and Malaysia (and a host of others I may have missed)!  We all gathered together at the Boise State University campus to participate in this 3-day long seminar, which provided plenty of lecture, practice, keiko and even a bit of shiai at the end.  I had never done nito before and I played with the idea of practicing it before I went, but decided against it.  This year we would …