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For One Night Only

There was a palpable excitement in the dojo on Monday night.  You could feel it in the air.  Each person who entered looked upbeat, ready to go.  Nothing outwardly different, for the most part, but you could see it brewing just underneath the surface.  It was not only the start of a new year and our first training of said year, but we had a special guest in our midst.

Everyone lined up promptly to start class.  Seiza.  We all shift down to our seated positions.  Mokuso.  Quietude.  I'm thinking of what I want to make of this night of practice, clearing my mind of everything but the training to come.  Bows to the front and to each other before taking our weapons and readying for warmups.  It's akin to waiting on the starting blocks for the big race to start.  Outwardly people are relaxed.  Inside, though...

We're suited up, ready to go after warmups and suburi.  Bow to the front, bow to each other.  Everyone takes their place in sonkyo.  Swords drawn, bodies and minds focu…