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PNKF Taikai 2015

This past weekend our dojo participated in the 41st Annual PNKF Taikai, the biggest tournament in our region.  We attracted competitors from all over our federation, Canada and Mexico.  And, due to exchange students being present, we also had a few Japanese students fighting with us.  Our Spokane team actually had a couple of our own, which helped fill out our ranks and add to our team for the team division.

We started out the day early, getting to the venue to help set up and make sure everything was ready to go.  Afterward I actually got to lead our dojo warm-up before the opening ceremonies.  This was something usually reserved for Billy, but unfortunately for us (and fortunately for him) he has since moved onto to hopefully greener pastures in Japan.  My division, 3 Dan, wasn't up until about midday, so I helped out on the court we were assigned to and tried to take in some of the shake-ups that were happening in the 4 Dan+ division, and also root on our own guys when their d…