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Fast and Slow

So I've had some thoughts on my mind lately, regarding my techniques.  Even though I'm just coming to these realizations, I remember that these are things that Sinclair Sensei has mentioned to us (and me) time and time again.  It's funny how things can be brought up and taught over and over, and yet it doesn't truly sink in until you are ready to hear it and receive that knowledge.  That is what happened to me over these last few weeks, regarding speed.

It started with hiki waza.  I'll be the first to admit, my hiki waza is not great, and I definitely need to work on it.  This last week or so I've been focusing on hiki waza as much as I can.  Something occurred to me, though, as I would strike and fly back, only to reset and do it again.  Most of my strikes were not hitting the target, and even when they did they were sloppy.  Too shallow, too soft, no snap to them.  It was like I was just flinging my shinai out there and hoping it would hit.  I finally figur…