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Childish Spirit

This might be just a little different entry, but I believe there's a lot to be extracted from it. I know that I've found a lot of inspiration in it, already, and hope that anyone reading it extracts their own thoughts and feelings.  Here we go!

This is a story about one of my dojo mates, and a fairly new one, at that, and also one of the only kids we have at the dojo right now.  This particular kid, though, has a situation which might keep anyone else from practicing, or doing a lot of other activities, because he only has one leg.  I don't think anyone has ever mentioned this to him, though, because the way he practices you wouldn't be able to tell, at all.  He has been regularly attending practice since he started, and never once lets something like a missing limb stop him or even slow him down, no sir.  He pushes himself to keep up with everyone, and even surpass some of them.

This on its own is amazing, if he were doing it as part of a kids class.  But he's not…