Tuesday, April 13, 2010


-Strikes: I think I'm doing better with keeping my sword a bit higher and not going all the way back when I swing. I've been very mindful of it lately. Also I was having an issue with keeping my left arm tucked in when I strike, so I've also been trying to remember to bring it out even with my right arm. Not sure how well that is going, but at least I'm aware of it and actively trying to fix it.

-Footwork: Not sure if this is an issue, and it hasn't been brought up by Sensei or anyone else, but I think I might be raising my right foot too high up when I do Fumikomi. Again, not sure on this one, but sometimes as I'm striking and going through it feels like it's way up off the ground. I read a suggestion by someone that said to "pretend that you are trying to kick the other person in the shin with your right foot." When I thought about this on one of the drills it felt like my foot was lower in the Fumikomi, so maybe a good piece of advice to hang on to.

Also I need to work on turning and being ready to go in a split second. A lot of times I catch myself off balance or taking an extra step to get the proper stance again.

-Kiai: I have varied the length of my Kiais, but I need to vary the Kiai itself, too. Will play with this at the next practice.

-Do Strikes: Need to not be in so deep on the cut. I'm hitting with the middle of my Shinai. Need to hit with the tip. I need to remember Billy's advice to turn my upper body as I strike which will give me more room to play with.

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