Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Had a nice blood blister on my hand last night....didn't notice until halfway through the very last drill. Oh well. No pain, no gain, right? I also was asked to lead the intermediate class. I was so very nervous, but I did my best and heard I did a good job with it.

-Footwork: I need to remember to move from my center. Wendy pointed out that was a leaning ever so slightly last night. Remember, lead with my center, move with my center. As she says, imagine that I'm going to go in and give someone a "chest bump". I can do it when I think about it, now to move that from conscious thought into unconscious action.

-Strikes: Still need to work on my small strikes (Men, Kote, Do). I think I'm lacking in that department. Maybe I will have someone go over it with me before class one of these days.

-Kiai: I still need to vary my Kiai....Still working on that one.

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