Tuesday, April 13, 2010


More practice. I'm happy to say that my shins seem to be getting better. Still sore and tender to the touch, but I haven't woken up to the throbbing pain and having to limp about for days after, which is a very very good sign. Also the breathing exercises are going quite well!

-Maai: I'm getting better at using the tip of my shinai to hit. A little too well last night; during Kirikaeshi on the first Fumikomi Men hit I was just a fraction of an inch too far back and totally missed the receiver's shinai....but I have the right idea! Now need to work on correct distance for Do hits. I find that I am always too close, no matter how far back I start. Sensei says I need to shorten my steps, but even when I do that I feel too close. Billy suggests that I turn my hips more when I hit. The technique and swing will be correct, but the turning of the hips will bring my shinai to the side more, and hit further out toward the tip. I will have to try this at next practice.

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