Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3/13/2010 - Bogu!!

FINALLY!! I have my armor! I received it on Monday, and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! But now the real work begins. Monday practice involved me fighting with my Kote the whole time, trying to hold a proper Kamae and grip on my Shinai when I'd swing. This led to a lot of weird issues I was having with...well....everything!

Wednesday was a lot better. I was able to concentrate on things other than my Kote, so I was able to fix the abnormalities that popped up on Monday. Sensei gave me permission to wear my Do whenever I wanted, too....

...which I did today. It actually felt really good. I thought my arms would be way out to the side, but they weren't. It didn't restrict my movement or anything at all...BUT, it did make me tired a lot faster, since it's more added weight. I'll just keep practicing with it and pretty soon I'll be used to it.

-Footwork: We did a drill today where we hit various targets, and push through, and then immediately have to turn around and hit again. I REALLY need to work on being ready to move and strike again after I turn. this might be my biggest weakness right now. Having my feet in the proper stance, and being ready to explode after I turn. Also I need to not leave my left foot trailing behind after I do Fumikomi. I worked on this on Wednesday night and I think that I got the idea, but I need to be mindful of it.

-Kiai: I think it's sounding better. I'm definitely loud enough now. I still need to vary it a bit. Mix it up, change it here and there. I'll keep playing with this.

-Endurance: I really need to work on my endurance. I get tired way too fast sometimes. This is an issue that will take many things to fix. Changing my diet, more exercise (although I am running and doing team training more, so that helps a lot), sleep, etc, etc.

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