Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Had practice with Takado Sensei yesterday.....oh my goodness. THAT was tough! It felt really good, even though I was tired beyond belief. She said it was the curriculum she was putting together for national team training, so I feel pretty accomplished because I was able to get through...mostly. I still am not wearing my Men so I didn't do Jigeiko (well, I did, but just without my Men, meaning I got hit in the Kote and Do a lot).

-Footwork: I was working on turning last night, with my weight forward again. I think that I was doing a pretty good job for just starting. Now I need to move past my opponents a bit more before turning, because I have a different distance since I'm stepping into them when I turn instead of stepping back.

-Debana Waza: I SUCK at this. Will have to work on it a bit more. Takado Sensei pointed out that on Debana Kote I can strike from my normal Kote position instead of having to bring my hands all the way up and then strike. I have the right idea, I just need to focus more, Sutemi, commit myself to the attack.

-Jigeiko: Had my first round of Jigeiko with Takado Sensei, and she schooled me good... This one, I think, just comes down to practice. In order to see those openings and opportunities on an opponent that is actively trying to do the same to me, I need to practice. To be able to recognize the subtle hints and read them clearly.

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