Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I will be moving over what little entries I have from my previous site. They are all in rough draft form. Just ideas flowing freely after class...

......Thinking about what I need to work on in my Kendo training. Mayhaps it will help if I jot them down here:

Maai: Not only proper distance from my opponent, and learning to adjust my steps to compensate for longer or shorter distances, but also learning to hit consistently with the very tip of my Shinai (Kensen). This starts to become a problem when I'm tired.

Footwork: Always a big issue for me. I need to learn to be lighter on my feet (I'm sure my feet will thank me, as I will begin to eliminate blisters). Also need to be sure to have proper footwork and technique all throughout practice. Also on the step to Fumikomi. to the sides isn't too bad, but stepping back and then lunging forward is VERY slow for me.

Striking: Small strikes, especially small Do strikes. Need to get that down and then add in my Fumikomi and work on them together. Also need to work on not popping up my left hand while doing small strikes. It's a bad habit and one I hope to correct early. Also need to work on Hiki Waza, especially Do and Kote. I suck at those...

Tenouchi: I've been concentrating on this lately, but I need to be more consistent with it.

Kamae: Get used to stretching out more. Hold the sword away from my body, about a fist or so away from my center. Sensei pointed out that I hold Kamae too close to my body.

Stamina: Need to work on this a lot, so I can go and go and go and go....you get the point. It's slowly building up through practice itself, but I want to do some other things to build stamina, as well.

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