Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Changes Are Coming

This short post is to anyone that stops in and checks on my blog regularly.  This week we have no practice so I won't have any proper posts, but that doesn't mean that good things aren't happening.

The reason that we have no practice this week is because we are in the process of moving into a new dojo and getting it cleaned up and ready for use.  And this new dojo is the biggest one that we've had since I've been training.  It's HUGE!  The floorspace is massive and the floor looks, feels, and sounds great.  We are all very excited to be able to do this and we are all working to get the dojo ready for use as soon as possible.  Right now it looks like our first practice will be this Saturday.

Personally I'm having a bout of Kendo withdrawals.  I've been keeping myself busy at home, but I miss practicing with all my friends and my Kendo family.  It will be a happy day for all when we finally pick up practice again, in our new dojo. 

Hopefully regular posting will resume next week, and I will also hopefully have some pictures of the new place to share.  Until then, wish us luck with our endeavor and know that we are all blessed to be able to make this change!


  1. Sounds awesome. I hope to visit for some degeiko someday. :)

  2. Did I mention our new dojo is huge?? :-) Very exciting for all of us, we should be having our first practice this Saturday. I can hardly contain my excitement!